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The Perry Season 1 Defendant Tournament Challenge

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Q: Wait. What is this?

A: Well, I’m holding a mock tournament between all 40 defendants in Perry Mason’s Season 1.

Q: But aren’t there are only 39 episodes?

A: Morey Allen and Dixie Dayton were co-defendants in “The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink”!

Q: Ah! But wait a minute. Why do this?

A: It’s a fun way of thinking about every episode in a particular season and comparing episodes.

Q: How do you decide who wins?

A: I pick the better character, not the better person, the better actress or actor (though both factors contribute to a better character), or even the better episode.

If Perry was sitting around with Paul and Della on a Saturday night, which defendants would they talk about with the most regard?

Q: what does the winner “get”?

A: The ignominious distinction of being the best at something that was truly horrific: having to stand trial for your life for a crime you didn’t commit!

Q: That’s it, then? Anything else?

A: Well, a 40-team bracket is kind of wonky, but we'll make it work. May the best defendant win!

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